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Wenzhou City, ou de Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Beer by the Wenzhou area several beer equipment manufacturer's technical backbone of the team and the construction of the combined forces, with strong technical, manufacturing strength, and a wealth of experience in construction.

Our staff has including senior technical personnel 8. The main commitment in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning 10 ~ 100m3 / times of beer saccharification equipment, 60 ~ 600m3 fermentation tanks, tanks Qing, CIP cleaning systems, systems pei extend yeast beer industry, such as large-scale production of complete sets of equipment. At the same time, the production of fermentation tank top and shows the safety of small cone at the end of components, food, medical equipment industries.Since the founding of the company stick to the "Waiyinneilian" on the road to actively attract a variety of technical talent, and post-secondary schools and a number of co-operation has successfully developed a fully automated oxygen wort, add yeast automation devices have been cooler, like Health-import small cone at the end, like import-band device cleansing health-tank top-security components, small light metering devices to add products to market, the user is highly favorable.

In the future development of our company continue to adhere to the "customer-focused, market-oriented, technology-fundamental to the quality of development" principle, to use good-quality new and better customer service in order to obtain more Great.
     Our company is strong in technology, management, improve alertness, according to well-equipped bar, complete testing means, believe in "to work together, work hard and pragmatic, sincere fine to strive famous" entrepreneurial spirit, "Quality First, the credibility of the first" Zhichang Purposes. With a strong and good customers, and provide low-cost high-quality, safe and reliable products and engineering services.

I beer companies engaged in equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and other projects, more than 10 years of practical experience, have been close to 100 customers in more than three devices saccharification pot trough won three national scientific and technological progress second prize. (Winners: Li)

I co saccharification beer manufacturers, breweries across the country received high marks. Our manufacturing equipment such as the appearance of fine works of art, like beauty, the process of saccharification of water, electricity, gas, can meet the needs of technology and significant energy saving effectiveness. Production workers at the scene, not only easy to use, security, energy, but also to increase productivity. All in all, the new century saccharification equipment, our company has reached the advanced, practical, beautiful, high-quality, high efficiency, low consumption level.

Combined with years of field visits and their own rich practical experience and, through a series of experiments and on-site, has succeeded in designing and manufacturing a full range of innovative equipment saccharification. Adequate equipment and reasonable use of high-tech, fully embodies the scientific equipment, advanced and practical, so our equipment manufacturing quality beer and beer production technology, and other equipment in a domestic first-class. This business of designing and manufacturing equipment saccharification certain aspects of the technical performance close to the level of similar foreign products.


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